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Damn The Kaiser

Damn the Kaiser, anyway

During the Great War, the residents of the newly named North Canton were supportive of the war effort even though it was difficult for them. The city put together a weekly newsletter to send to the troops. One edition included the following poem:

Damn the Kaiser

Damn the Kaiser, anyway –

Costs me money every day.

First the Red Cross takes its toll,

Then the bonds eat up my roll.

Every day or two, by heck,

Some relief fund wants my check;

Home guards have to have some dough

Just to keep them on the go,

Then we have to dig “to git”

Every Sam a Comfort kit;

Then for books and smokes and chews,

We must pay our little dues,

Glad I have the cash to pay –

Damn the Kaiser, anyway.

(Basner 122)

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