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On Tap at New Berlin


We celebrate local.

All of our beers are named after residents, locales, and events from the history of New Berlin (now North Canton).

Tap the beers to learn the full story behind the name!

Slightly Sour Wheat Ale with notes of lemon. In Germany, this ale is historically served with a choice of Raspberry or Woodruff syrup. At New Berlin Brewing Company, we offer a variety of syrups to enhance your experience. 

ABV 4.2% 

Black IPA with a deep black color and a thick tan head, with a complex roast character and a well rounded piney resin hop profile.  

ABV 5.4% 

Originating in the city of Cologne, this clear and crisp beer is known for its subtle fruit aroma and smooth, dry finish. 

ABV 4.8% 

A traditional, malt-forward, brown German lager with rich bready and toasty aroma and flavor, accompanied by notes of chocolate and toffee.

ABV 5.6% 

We hired a new brewer! During the hiring process, we tapped out of most of our beers, but he has already gotten a few in the fermenters! We will be filling our taps up again in the coming weeks! For now we will be sharing some of our favorites with you on our guest taps! 

Click on "guest taps" to see our current beer list! (updated 9/28/23)

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