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On Tap at New Berlin

We celebrate local. All of our beers are named

for residents, locales, and events from the history

of New Berlin (now North Canton).

Click on the names of our beers to learn the full story behind the name!

This hazy, juicy American IPA has a plentiful amount of wheat and flaked oats to give it its opaqueness and creamy mouthfeel. American and New Zealand Hops lend floral and tropical flavors and aromas. 7% ABV 28 IBU

A delicious twist on a traditional style. This dark roasty stout is made with 5 lbs cacao nibs and lactose to add a sweet chocolatey taste and velvety mouthfeel. 6.4% ABV 42 IBU

A Belgian-Style Ale with expressions of banana, clove, and peppercorn. This pale-colored ale has hints of biscuit and honey malt sweetness. Made with wildflower honey and spicy Czech hops. 6.6% ABV 26 IBU

A slightly sour wheat ale with notes of lemon. In Germany, this ale is historically served with a choice of raspberry or woodruff syrup. At New Berlin Brewing Company, we offer a variety of syrups to enhance your experience. 4.4% ABV 10 IBU

A hazy German wheat ale with a distinctive banana and clove aroma. Huell Melon hops lend a hint of honeydew and strawberry. 5.3% ABV 12 IBU

A dark, robust ale with malty sweetness and a balance of roast and coffee flavor. Made with locally roasted coffee beans from M&H Beans in North Canton. 6.3% ABV 38 IBU

A classic American IPA made with locally-sourced barley malt. A balanced, hop-forward pale ale with a pronounced bitterness. American hop varieties lend aromas of citrus and soft pine. 6.8% ABV 57 IBU

A traditional spiced Belgian wheat ale with a refreshing effervescence and light tart finish. Infused with bitter orange peel, crushed coriander and chamomile. 7.3% ABV 12 IBU

A rich, amber German Lager with a slight toasty and nutty flavor and sweet malty finish. 7.2% ABV 17 IBU

Gateway American-Style 
Cream Ale

American-Style Cream Ale: By Lockport Brewery

The first beer Lockport ever made, Gateway is. a crisp and refreshing ale that drinks like a pilsner. Just like their town of Bolivar is the 'Gateway to Tuscarawas County', this beer is a great gateway to craft beer. 5.5% ABV 16 IBU

North Canton Hard Seltzer
Hard Seltzer: By Codex

Codex's house hard seltzer infused with real vanilla for the nostalgic flavor and aroma of a cream soda. 5.8% ABV

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