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New Berliner Weisse

The History of the name New Berlin is fairly straightforward - so here's a history of the style

Berliner Weisse is a beer style originating from the region around Berlin, Germany, which developed gradually from the 17th to the 20th century. Its main characteristic is a mild sourness and tartness with a light and fruity character, which led to the nickname “Champagne of the North.”

The origins of Berliner Weisse are murky at best. There are several competing theories surrounding the development of the style. One theory holds that the Huguenots, French immigrants to Berlin in the early 18th century, developed the beer after migrating through Flanders and picking up techniques from brewers of Flanders brown and red ales. Another theory points to a popular beer called Halberstädter Broihan, supposedly popular in Berlin in the 1640s; even this is said to have been a copy of an unknown beer brewed in Hamburg. Some claim that there have been historical mentions of Berliner Weisse as far back as the 1570s.

Forgive us for the simple name, it just fits.

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