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Helen's Heart of Gold

"a Delightful Longtime Resident"

Helen Willaman grew up on the Hoover farm where her parents worked and, in fact, was born in the Hoover home which is now relocated to its present location near Walsh University. She attended NoCaHi. She had two children – one was Officer Jim “Red” Willaman who served the city of North Canton. Throughout her life, Helen babysat over 165 children in her home, and they became like family to her. She loved to make stuffed koala bears and bunny rabbits for these children. She was kind and tender; she had a heart of gold. Helen lived to be 105. Her love of her town and her love of children make her a local treasure (Amy Mears). Additionally, we at NBBC have a Helen we loved equally well. We love that this name honors her too!

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